National volleyball federations work side by side with Bossaball

National volleyball federations work side by side with Bossaball

Bossaball collaborated with the International Volleyball Federation FIVB and their initiative Volleyball Your Way, when Bossaball turned heads during the Rio Olympics 2016. Nonetheless, this was not the first time that Bossaball found support in a volleyball federation.

Bossaball on the CopaCourts – #VolleyballYourWay

The FIVB reached out to different organizations, including Bossaball International, to be a part of the #VolleyballYourWay movement at the FIVB’s CopaCourts. This was an opportunity to engage with new fans during the Olympics Games 2016 in Rio De Janeiro, right at the panoramic Copacabana…Bossaball had come home! Five national teams participated in the tournament #AtTheCopa: Colombia, Brazil, Belgium who got the bronze medal, Argentina silver and the Netherlands, who took home the gold medal.

It was not without reason that Bossaball was part of this event, taking into consideration the mission of the Volleyball Your Way movement: “To embrace all forms of volleyball and promote the essence of the sports to grassroots worldwide.” Bossaball, being the fusion of volleyball, football and gymnastics, falls under the umbrella of the mission and vision.

Volleyball federation and Bossaball

In the official FIVB – Volleyball Your Way brochure, a picture of a Bossaball event from the FIVB World Grand Prix 2015 was used to emphasize on the fact that the international volleyball federation embraces all forms of volleyball.

During the event on the Copacabana, the FIVB stated on their homepage: “Large crowds gathered on the FIVB’s CopaCourts to see the fusion of volleyball, gymnastics, football and capoeira played out on a giant inflatable court against the backdrop of a samba playing band. The unique spectacle highlighted volleyball’s position as a fun, entertaining and universal sport. Bossaball will be a feature of the FIVB’s CopaCourts for the next days with an international tournament taking place with the world’s top teams.”…and… “Beach volleyball has been the signature Copacabana event so far but this was rivaled today when the FIVB brought Bossaball to town.”

As well the female national volleyball team of Argentina, known as Las panteras, joined in for a session on the court during the Olympics. This didn’t come out of nowhere, since Bossaball Argentina had partnered up with the Argentinian Volleyball Federation (FeVA) various times before.

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Bossaball Argentina finds a partner in the national volleyball federation FeVA

The collaboration between the FeVA and Bossaball Argentina started during the summer tour 2016, which took Bossaball once again along the Atlantic Coast. Only some months afterwards, following the tournament at the Olympics, it came to a highlight when Bossaball Argentina collaborated for yet another #VolleyballYourWay festival.

This time, the event took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the Gorki Grana Sports Centre in Morón, three days before the 35th FIVB World Congress (October 4 to 6, 2016). Organized in association with the FIVB and the FeVA, the participants enjoyed a three-dimensional approach combining volleyball, music and educational activities. Music and Bossaball added to the attraction alongside the action.

The Volleyball Your Way festival in Buenos Aires followed up on the development programme at the Copa Courts on Copacabana Beach during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Dutch Volleyball Federation NeVoBo becomes first Bossaball associate

Since 2006, Bossaball has been collaborating closely with the NeVoBo (Nederlands Volleyball Bond), who initially introduced Bossaball into the Dutch market. The Dutch Volleyball Federation has had a great contribution to the development of Bossaball, as this partnership resulted in more than 200 Bossaball events in the Netherlands within the first 2 years. As of today, there are 6 clubs in the Netherlands that offer our discipline all year round and the Netherlands have become one of Bossaball’s key territories. One of the highlights of their collaboration were the Bossaball activities during the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships 2015.