Viral sport Bossaball’s most viewed videos on Facebook

Viral sport Bossaball’s most viewed videos on Facebook

Check out the following videos and dive right into the action! Facebook pages such as Dreamteam, Unilad and Red Bull have put together video compilations in order to provide their followers with fresh and thrilling footage. This resulted in more than 150 million views on Facebook in 2016, what turned Bossaball into the viral sport of the year.

Video on Dreamteam – The Sun

The Dreamteam Facebook page, who call their page “The home of football chats with balls”, is the social media center of a fantasy football game, owned by the English newspaper The Sun. The page published a 1-minute video compilation of Bossaball’s Facebook videos with the following text:

“The well known sport of Bossaball International… AKA Bouncy Castle-football-volleyball ⚽️”

The video, published on the 16th of January 2016, reached the following stats:

  • + 55 million views

Video on UNILAD

UNILAD brings its followers the best, funniest and most trending content from around the world. The bossaball tournament during the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, called UNILAD’s attention and just after the tournament was over, the Facebook page, which is followed by +20 million people, uploaded a video compilation of bossaball.

  • + 63 million views

The video was cross-posted on six different Facebook pages, in between them was US rapper 50 Cent.

On the 16th of January, UNILAD uploaded the video once again…and it struck again! The publication reached 21 million views, what results in more than 63 million views of only this bossaball video on Facebook.

Video compilation on Chubbies

Chubbies, a US shorts brand, proclaims itself to make the most radical shorts known to mankind, aiming to take this piece of apparel back to the pure shorts awesomeness of the 70s and 80s! They certainly picked some radical bossaball content to boost their social media – check out the video.

  • + 13 million views

Video on Volleyball addicts

The page of Volleyball addicts is one of the most followed volleyball pages on the social media and brings its followers the best videos, pictures and highest quality of volleyball! Well, once they decided to upload a short teaser of bossaball’s official promo video, announcing our sport as a new kind of volleyball. The video, published on the  3rd of April 2015, reached these stats:

  • + 7 million views

Video on TheLADBible

TheLADBible is another widely followed Facebook page that chose to publish a Bossaball compilation video. The close to 17 million followers unquestionably thought as well that “Bossaball looks like a lot of fun to play…”

  • + 2.7 million views

Red Bull TV features the “A decade in the air”-Cup

In April 2015, Bossaball celebrated its 10th anniversary by setting up a two-day tournament in Malaga, Spain. Red Bull TV sent a four-person film team to cover what turned out to be Bossaball’s high point of its first decade.

The international tournament – fittingly titled as the “A decade in the air”-Cup – saw Belgium, the Netherlands, Argentina and the hosts from Spain competing for being the best team of Bossaball’s history. Red Bull TV followed the preparations at the Bossafarm and the striking two-day tournament, which took the teams from snowy mountain tops in the Sierra Nevada to Malaga’s recently inaugurated state-of-the-art port.

The first piece of the documentary, where Bossaball is part of a sports-featuring series named “Games of Strange”, was broadcasted in November 2016. As a teaser, Red Bull posted a short video from the first day of the competition, when the teams were playing at over 2.000 m altitude in the Sierra Nevada. The video reached the following stats:

  • + 1.3 million views

Bleacher Report features Bossaball on its channels

Covering your teams better than anyone else. – Bleacher Report is a San Francisco-based sports news website owned by Turner, a division of Time Warner. The website focuses on trending topics in sports. In May 2017, a Bossaball compilation video was posted across their social media channels. The videos on Facebook and Instagram reached the following stats:

  • + 1.8 million views

Video on Repsodia

Repsodia is a Mexican TV Channel. On their Facebook page they published a compilation of various bossaball videos. The video, published on the 24th of March 2016, reached the following stats:


Bossaball Colombia on CNN – Great Big Story

Great Big Story is CNN’s own viral video network, a social media platform where about three to five new uplifting, beautifully shot and short videos are uploaded daily.

The platform has since its launch in 2015 been able to reach 40 million views with their videos on a monthly base, attracting especially “urban-dwelling, globally-curious 27 year olds who live on their phones.” (Source)

On August 12th 2016, Bossaball was featured on Great Big Story, being presented as “An Obscure Sport with a Samba Twist”! Besides generally featuring the viral sport, the documentary shows Bossaball’s impact on a community in Bogotá, Colombia, where the sport is part of the government-funded program “Jornada Completa” for at-risk youth. Kids learn and play Bossaball, what helps to keep them off the often crime-ridden city streets.

Video by the International Volleyball Federation – FIVB

During the 2015 FIVB Beach Volleyball Swatch World Championships, where bossaball was one of the official side events, the FIVB published a video suggesting a bossaball rally as the rally of the weekend and asking its followers, if they would like to try our mix of volleyball, football and gymnastics. The video was taken during the World Record Beach Volleyball, which took place on the 27th of June in Scheveningen, the beach of The Hague. Well, the FIVB fans seemed to like the video, which had around

  • and more than 4.000 likes.

Video on Lega Pallavolo Serie A Femminile

This is the home of the Female Italian Volleyball league, one of the best in Europe. They excited their followers by publishing bossaball’s promo video on their channel. The video that was published on the 5th of September 2013, reached these stats:


Video on Volleywood

Volleywood is another Facebook page that concentrates on Volleyball footage. On the 21st of April 2014 they published bossaball’s entire promo video on their Facebook channel, while giving a short description about our viral sport: “Bossaball is a team sport similar to #volleyball, but also includes elements of football (soccer), gymnastics and capoeira.”