Multinationals trust in Bossaball for telecom brand activation

Multinationals trust in Bossaball for telecom brand activation

Multinational telecommunications companies have found in Bossaball an ideal partner to promote their new services in both an attractive and participative way. The companies benefited from the versatility and the easy installation of the Bossaball court for telecom brand activations and exciting road shows that changed locations from day to day, from beach to beach.

Bossaball tours Tunisia’s beaches and universities with Orange

Bossaball Tunisia started a long-term collaboration through an Orange brand activation in 2015. Orange is a French multinational telecommunications corporation that counts on 230 million customers worldwide.

Orange took the main sponsorship for the activation events, while implementing complementary sponsors mobile brand Huawei through package deals including Orange tariffs and Red Bull, who provided the entertainment around the court with music performances and workouts. The first tour served as a perfect benchmark for the future telecom brand activations and resulted in two more beach tours in 2016 and 2017 and three university tours.

Bossaball in the shade of Dubai’s skyscrapers with Etisalat

Etisalat, one of the most powerful companies in the United Arab Emirates, chose Bossaball as a marketing tool in 2015. From the 1st till the 3rd of May, the Bossaball court was set up on The Beach Dubai, just in the sight line of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s highest building.

Spikes and flips in between skyscrapers, that’s what the players had come for. The telecom brand activation on Dubai’s beach combined shows and clinics led by Bossaball’s nine-person team of players from Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Slovenia.

Etisalat is a multinational UAE based telecommunications services provider, currently operating in 15 countries across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The event right in front of The Beach Dubai was not the first one that was set up in cooperation with Etisalat. Already in 2014 an event series was held on Diplomats’ Beach on the Egyptian coast. Check out the promotional video that was made of the telecom brand activation.

Bossaball and Swyp collaborate for mobile brand activation

Bossaball returned to the United Arab Emirates between the 1st and 8th of December 2018! Mobile provider Swyp and Bossaball hit the beach in Abu Dhabi, at the A’l Bahar Corniche. Swyp presented exciting activities at A’l Bahar featuring live DJ’s and our thrilling new sports experience.

Swyp is the new youth mobile brand by Etisalat. The multinational Emirati based telecommunications services provider launched the novel mobile service Swyp targeting youngsters: dubbed as “the companion brand of your lifestyle” by its official website, Swyp is only available to those aged between 15-29.

Swyp partnered up with multidisciplinary sport Bossaball to target the Emirati youth and spread the word of the new provider via an eye-catching telecom brand activation on the beach, right in front of Abu Dhabi’s skyscrapers at the Corniche. Visitors could join in for the fun in one of the many interactive workshops being held or enjoy watching the exhibition matches with Bossaball players from the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Brazil and Morocco.

Claro Música takes Bossaball Colombia to the Club Media Fest

More than 40 of the world’s most recognized digital celebrities gathered in Bogotá for the Club Media Fest, the most important festival of the preferred artists of the new generation. On November 4th 2018, YouTubers from five countries gathered in Bogotá at the Club Media Fest. While considered the first international festival of social artists in Latin America, it presents artists born on digital platforms.

Bossaball Colombia, accompanied by Claro Música, offered a dynamic telecom brand activation to all visitors in the “experiences” area. Sebastian Vivas and Christian Fabián, two YouTubers from Colombia, joined the Bossaball challenge and got on the court to learn more about the only sport that unites music and three disciplines into a new sport.

Claro is a Latin American communications services brand, owned by the Mexican company América Móvil. After the success obtained with Claro Video, a new service emerged: Claro Música, a store where the users can download music content from one place and play music without being connected to the internet.

Telecom brand activation in Kuwait

The Zain International Bossaball Tournament in 2008 featured teams from Brazil, Spain and two from the Kuwaiti universities AUK and GUST. The four teams competed in a one-day tournament, which was held at the Marina Crescent in Kuwait.

The tournament was sponsored by Zain and was attended by Abdul Wahab Boodai, an official from the department of Communications and Relations at Zain. Zain is a Kuwaiti mobile telecommunications company with commercial presence in eight countries across the Middle East and 49.5 million active customers.

Boodai explained that Zain evinced a keen interest in sponsoring the event due to the growing popularity of Bossaball in Kuwait. “At Zain, we’ve been observing the popularity of this new game here and we found out that a lot of the Kuwaiti youth are interested in participating and watching this sport and we (Zain) are just catering to their needs,” Boodai stated.

The video material of the international tournament was turned into Bossaball first official promotion video!

Bossaball launched on African soil with 8ta

Bossaball took the first steps on African soil, collaborating with telecommunication company 8ta. From 11-30 December 2012, a spectacular release took place in South Africa.

The telecom brand activation tour with 8ta, which took Bossaball along the cities Mossel Bay, George, Ballito and Scottburgh, got announced by the Tourism Department of the South Coast. On Christmas Day, Bossaball, being announced as the new rage of the summer, was set up on Margate Beach.

Movistar telecom brand activation with V220

Bossaball visited beaches in Ecuador during February and March of 2008 for demonstrations and workshops in a tour sponsored by Movistar and V220, an energy drink. Movistar is a major telecommunications brand owned by Telefónica, operating in Spain and in many Latin American countries.

Back in 2008, Ecuador was the second country in Latin America to promote the hybrid sport. The inflatable Bossaball court toured all the beaches of the Ecuadorian coast as a promotion. Among others, the exhibition tour included the beaches of Manta.