Trend – 2/2009

Zero Gravity Sport

Extreme sports, modern technology, physics and the forces of gravity. With the help of some new tools, technologies, and clever physical concepts, the new extreme sports are defying the force of gravity.

Trend Description:
Fusing the most fun sports with modern technology, the new extreme sports besiege the physics of gravity. While some concepts seem to be rather simple, like incorporating trampolines into a game of beach volleyball, they enable whole new concepts of play and artistic movement. Other, more techy sport gadgets, propel sports enthusiasts into a totally new experience of gravity and, of course, way up into the air.

Bossaball is an ‘all-in-the-air’ 2-team ballgame, mixing elements of volleyball, football, gymnastics and capoeira. It is played on an inflatable court equipped with two big trampolines and divided by a net. The change of gravity allows a whole new range of techniques, team tactics and strategies to play and score. As players and the ball fly high over the court, the audience cheers and dances around the arena. Bossaball is one of the extreme sports drawing a huge crowd wherever it is set up.

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