Sports Marketing: A Strategic Perspective

Sports Marketing takes a strategic business perspective, keeping pace with the ever-changing environment of the sports world. Organized around a framework of the strategic marketing process that can be applied to the sports industry, it provides an appreciation for the growing popularity of women’s sports and the globalization of sport. This edition concentrates on the rising costs, escalating salaries, the price of new stadiums and arenas, and sports ethics versus the incredible appetite of consumers for sports. Extensive treatment is given to understanding consumers as spectators and participants; in addition to planning the sports marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and place), it examines the execution and evaluation of the planning process. An excellent source of information for directors of sports marketing, directors of sports promotion, athletic directors, directors of community/public relations, directors of ticket sales, directors of sponsorship sales, sports marketing coordinators, sports promotion coordinators, and recreation/borough sports directors.

Bossaball is featured in this book in the New sports section

New sports products

Although it might seem as if new products are easy to describe and think about, “new” is a relative term. Think about purchasing season tickets to your favorite college basketball team for the first time. You might consider this a new product even though the tickets have been available for many years. In other instances consumers may be exposed to a sport that utilizes a combination of techniques they are familiar with to create “new” and exciting alternatives, such as Bossaball. Bossaball combines elements of different sports on a pitch of trampolines and bouncy inflatables. The popularity of Xtreme sports, soccer, and volleyball around the globe suggest the time could be right for this new product. There is obviously nothing new about volleyball, soccer, and jumping on a trampoline, but when combined they create an exciting new sport. The founders of Bossaball will have to keep this in mind when developing a marketing strategy for this emerging sports product. This sports product is new to spectators and participants alike.