Are you tired of playing, watching or reading about the same old sports over and over again? Well, be bored no longer: here are five weird sports that can add uniqueness to anyone’s life.


Two teams of four or five players face off in a game that blends volleyball, soccer and gymnastics—and if that is not enough—is played on trampolines. The game is played like a game of volleyball but with a few differences: players bounce up and down on their sides, playing the ball off their feet and hands. The court mimics that of a volleyball court on a giant inflatable mat, completed with a large trampoline on each side of the net. Bossaball was created between 2003 and 2005 by a Belgian named Filip Eyckmans, who was at the time living in Spain. For more information go to the Bossaball website.

Bossaball Sports SL is protected through intellectual property and international copyright, reinforced by trademark and design patents worldwide.

Bossaball Sports SL does not just sell the Bossaball courts directly to interested companies. Instead we assign licenses for exclusive representation, development and distribution in a certain country. In return, those companies acquiring the exclusive license must pay us an annual license fee.

Bossaball courts can only be bought by companies that first obtained such a license. So far, the license for differents countries has not been assigned yet. Due to our year-long experience in selling bossaball licenses, we believe we need to assign a license to a major marketing / event company, which has the resources and connections to launch bossaball strongly and at a national level and in addition is able to form local demonstration teams, find sponsors, sell it as a marketing tool to brands, generate media impact, etc