Cambridge – Guess What! – Susannah Reed – 2015

Let’s try something different!

Do you like trampolining? Try bossaball! Bossaball is like volleyball, but you play on a trampoline. There are two teams. The players hit or kick the ball over a net. The ball hits the floor and the team gets a point.

Can you swim underwater? What about playing hockey? Underwater hockey started in the United Kingdom. Now people play it all over the world. There are two teams. The players have to push a hockey puck at the bottom of a pool. It’s also I called Octopush.

Do you enjoy bodyboarding? Have you got a dog? How about a dog surfing competition? Dog surfing competitions are popular in California, in the United States, There are competitions every year.

Credits: Susannah Reed, Kay Bentley – Cambridge University Press