Örebro City Sport Festival hosts first ever Bossaball event in Sweden

Örebro City Sport Festival hosts first ever Bossaball event in Sweden

Bossaball’s participation in the Örebro City Sport Festival in Sweden marked the first event ever on Scandinavian soil! As Bossaball had proved in past events in Dubai, São Paulo and Utrecht, from the 16th till the 18th of August 2018, the sport demonstrated once again that, due its multidisciplinary approach, it fits into the layout of any sports festival.

The Örebrokompaniet presented the Örebro City Sport Festival with the motivation to hold a general training session for the citizens and invite the Swedish elite to three days of sweat and endorphins.

Örebro City Sport Festival takes place at iconic venue

The Järntorget, the distinguishable square in the heart of the city, hosted the Bossaball event. With the Örebro Castle as a backdrop, the visitors saw Bossaball athletes from the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain show off their skills in exhibition matches that highlighted Bossaball’s fusion of music and sports. Not far from the venue, the finals of the Swedish Beach Volleyball Tour took place and elite teams from Örebro Volley, Örebro Hockey, ÖSKB Football, KIF Örebro, Örebro Black Knights and Örebro Futsal met in the “Clash of Elites”, an interdisciplinary rally specially designed for the occasion.

Rebecca Larserö, project manager at Örebrokompaniet, which organizes the festival and markets Örebro, pointed out thatBossaball will be something extraordinary for all curious visitors. Given how the plan is designed and how extremely skilled the players are, it will become a natural focal point. We are pleased that Örebro will be the first city in Scandinavia to launch this cool sporting experience.

In order to widen the impact of the Örebro City Sports Festival, eight teams from Youth Centers in and around the city were invited to discover Bossaball’s mix of volleyball, football and gymnastics and determine in a tournament, which team would have made the best progress.

The Örebro City Sport Festival aimed to get people of all ages and fitness levels to make a healthy habit for life with activities like Yoga, Tabata, HIIT, Trampolining and Bungy Fitness. Nevertheless, Nerikes Allehanda, a daily newspaper distributed across Örebro County, dedicated the front page coverage and a full press article to Bossaball.