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  • Discovery Channel

    Discovery Channel 10/2011 Bossaball Rules: the Coolest Acrobatic Game You’ve Never Heard of Even if you’ve heard of bossaball, it’s unlikely you’ve ever played. But once you know a bit more about it, I’m pretty sure you’ll dying for a shot to get on the court. That’s because it’s a sport unlike any invented before. […]

  • The Times UK

    The Times UK – 2/2010 Sport England offers grants to innovators of inspiring new games Anyone for slamball? Or BOSSABALL? Glowing puck, maybe, or velocity? Or has anyone out there got a better idea? Britain, which has long boasted that it invented modern sport, is being urged to rediscover the pioneering zeal that bequeathed to the […]

  • The Telegraph

    The Telegraph – 07/2015 What is bossaball and where can you play it? The grown-up version of trampolining, bossaball is a truly unique experience that is expected to take the UK by storm in the coming years. When a man reaches a certain level of maturity and stature, it’s possible he may not be able […]

  • ESPN

    ESPN 10/2010 Bossaball takes volleyball to new heights ROGGEL, The Netherlands — It’s like combining your favorite day of gym class and a beach bonanza. The new sport of bossaball is a mixture of soccer, gymnastics and volleyball and takes place on an inflatable volleyball court with trampolines in the middle. Play starts with a […]

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