Bossaball stuns the crowds at the Mountain View Resort

Bossaball was put into action at a one-day event as part of the inauguration festivities of the Mountain View Resort in Northern Egypt. It was an event set up for the residents that had moved to the resort or for people that were interested in buying property. Mountain View is a high standard resort of the Dar Al Mimar Group (DMG), a successful Egyptian Real Estate enterprise.

DMG’s main goal is to achieve a high customer satisfaction. This is why they tailor their services and units to meet each client’s specifications and requirements. Whether successful businessmen or young couples starting their lives together, the Mountain View Resorts provide a standard of luxury, peace and a healthy and quiet lifestyle for every age group. In line with its goal to offer its customers a community of like-minded pepole where they can live harmoniously together and make and maintain friendships, the Resort organized a Summer fest, packed with activities, entertainment and shows.

Bossaball – the main attraction at the Mountain View Resort

The Bossaball court was placed in the heart of the Mountain View Resort at Diplomats Ras El-Hikma, right next to the Mediterranean beach. The Bossaball teams were put together by players from Spain, Brazil, the Netherlands, Argentina and Romania, who set up various exhibition matches for the spectators during the day. Additionally, our Spanish samba referees, the Garcia brothers, took the event to a higher level! The Garcia Brothers tried out a new set of exotic tunes that became the basis for their set that would take them to Copacobana in Rio during the 2016 Olimpics.

Mountain View Resort used the Bossaball athletes for event activation purposes

The management organized the summer fest for the owners and their families. Furthermore, Amr Suleiman, Founder of Mountain View, Ayman Ismail, Chairman of Mountain View, as well as a number of community stars and celebrities attended the event and enjoyed the open air atmosphere. For the event activation the resort benefited of the Bossaball players and shot promotional videos with them: it proved bossaball is becoming a perfect destination marketing tool for upcoming touristic sites worldwide.

The resort includes different residencies. The Bossaball activities took place at Diplomats Ras El-Hikma. This residence is inspired by the Italian Tuscan style, imitating its luscious landscaping of vineyards and fig plantations along with the terracotta glory on the rooftops. It is located in touch with the clear water and white sand of the Mediterranean Sea. The Mountain View Resort is the place where people with exceptional lifestyles and extensive exposure come together to rejuvenate and relax in the comfort of their summer homes with their like-minded peers. This serene community offers a quiet refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city.