• Where: Barcelona, Spain
  • When: 03./04.  March 2012

The grand opening of a new bossaball club at the Swimming Club Barcelona!

On the 3rd and 4th of March 2102, a spectacular release took place in Barcelona. Bossaball International was delighted to welcome a new club in Catalonia, thanks to funding from the self-government of Catalonia and a closed deal with Sport&Business.

Wilco Nijland, international manager of bossaball, was excited about the developments in Catalonia and wanted to emphasize the beauty of the location, the Club Natació Barcelona: “There is no place in Europe that can compete with this location.”

Nine of the best players in the world supported the opening of the bossaball club right next to the beach of La Barceloneta, where from then on the focus has been on adding value to the clients’ daily experience when visiting the club and on the creation of a Catalan team.

bossaball barcelona 4