BBC World News: The Travel Show visits our headquarters in Spain

The Travel Show, a BBC program that is being broadcasted globally to an audience of more than 71 million viewers weekly, came to Southern Spain. The producers contacted our staff to organize the shooting of a documentary regarding bossaball and its headquarter – the Bossafarm!

On Saturday, the 6th of February, our international demonstration team performed in an exhibition held at the new fairgrounds of Estepona. A place that added an Andalusian flair to the shootings, for which players from Belgium, the Netherlands, Argentina, and Spain were flown in.

The film crew had the chance to make different shots of the exhibition and of the Bossafarm, furthermore interviewed Filip Eyckmans, Bossaball’s creator, and some players. Even the BBC presenter Christa Clarwood gave it a try and had her first Bossaball experience.

Estepona is a small touristic city of 70.000 inhabitants, located in the south of Spain. This city has recently become the Bossaball Sports headquarters, and the perfect location for the Bossafarm project, which comes along with the concept of Bossaball as a healthy and sustainable sport.

Read more about this broadcast here.

On the 27th of February, the documentary was broadcasted worldwide:

BBC Breakfast checks out the Dutch bossaball headquarters

Mike Bushell, presenter of Britain’s most watched, award-winning morning news program, dropped by the home of Bossaball Netherlands: the SportBox.
The Dutch team, winner of the tournament carried out on Rio’s Copacabana during the Olympic Games 2016, received the presenter with a full-on introduction into our sport, one of the unexpected hits of the Olympics – as the BBC puts it. The report got shot at the Sportbox, a hangar in Utrecht, Netherlands, that was transformed into a multi sports indoor location and that houses a fix bossaball court. The short documentary featured the first exclusive bossaball footage from the FIVB #CopaCourts, where the world’s top teams exhibited the fusion of volleyball, gymnastics, football and capoeira.