Bossaball highlights the Fun Fest sports festival in Sharjah, UAE

The Fun Fest sports festival brought together various demonstration sports for this new event format in the Emirate of Sharjah, which is one of the states of the United Arab Emirates. Besides bossaball shows, there were 3×3 basketball and football freestyle exhibitions.

The festival took place in the bay of Sharjah, on the island Al Majaz. Its amphitheatre, where major arts acts are being held, offered a marvellous backdrop for the bossaball shows. The event, which lasted from the 29th of March until the 7th of April, gave the public the opportunity to enjoy hourly demonstrations throughout the event. The bossaball court was set up on one of the prime spots of the island: the helicopter landing base! A fitting location for our high flying bossaball players, which had come from the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain in order to put on shows during the Fun Fest.

The event was hosted and sponsored by the Sharjah Media Centre, which is the official conduit responsible for all media and communication activities related to Sharjah’s governing bodies and the emirate as a whole.