27 weekends for SESI with Bossaball Brazil

SESI stands for Brazil’s Serviço Social da Industria – the Social Service of Commerce. The SESI Bossaball Tour included 27 Brazilian Bossaball weekends and was not only just a single event passing by the beautiful Brazilian beaches.
SESI has the aim of expanding the nationwide system of social welfare facilities that promote education an appreciation in the cultural fields. The largest Serviço Social da Industria facility of all, SESI São Paulo, included the game of Bossaball for the first time in 2010. “Bossaball is one of those sports, leisure and recreation programs that the whole family should attend. Actions like this unite the family and the community and do well for the whole society,” says the president of Sesi-SP and Fiesp, Paulo Skaf.
SESI stimulates the practice of sports activities for the whole population because we know that sport is a composite of education and health. I hope that the State continues its work and meets the expectations and needs of the population,” he adds.
Luiz Chamlian of Bossaball Brazil explains: “This year we have a project in SESI’s department of recreation and sports since February and ending in December, holding workshops on weekends, totaling 53 units throughout the state of Sao Paulo (shared out among 49 cities, ed.). With the Serviço Social da Industria project the intention is to promote Bossaball and make other contacts, in addition to having the opportunity to show the game live.” According to Mr. Chamlian, the SESI institute contributes yearly a vast amount of subsidy money.