Bossaball showcasing its mix of volleyball, football and gymnastics at the FIVB World Grand Prix

The FIVB World Grand Prix is the International Volleyball Federation’s (FIVB) premier annual competition for women’s national teams on a worldwide level. Bossaball was booked as a side event during the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix in Stuttgart, Germany, on the 18th of July 2015.

On that weekend in mid-July the Female German National Volleyball Team held one of the editions and met the national teams of the Dominican Republic, Turkey and Serbia. During the matches the organizers used the giant video cube of the location to put on bossaball videos and promote this next level of volleyball that would be demonstrated between the matches of the World Grand Prix. In the break the German volleyball supporters flocked out of the building and just in front of the impressive Porsche Arena is where they found the bossaball court. The two bossaball teams from the Netherlands and Belgium amazed the public and put on a show with their best plays and tricks during various exhibitions in Stuttgart.

fivb world grand prix

Bossaball exhibitions in front of the Porsche Arena

The Porsche Arena, venue of the World Grand Prix, is a multi-purpose arena located in Stuttgart’s NeckarPark, situated between the Scharrena Stuttgart, the Mercedes-Benz Arena and the Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle. It has been the venue for the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix and a WTA Tour tennis event. Later on that day, it should be the stage of a bossaball show match between the reigning World Champion Netherlands and the “A decade in the Air“-Cup winners from Belgium. The spectators were the invitees of the 60th Anniversary of the German Volleyball Federation (DVV) that took place after the matches of the Grand Prix had finished. That night it was all about bossaball in the Porsche Arena, even the players of the Female German National Team couldn’t hold their feet still and gave it a try the bossaball court!

fivb world grand prix