The Colombian Military Forces add a new discipline to its fitness program

The Colombian Military Forces collaborates with Bossaball to bring this novelty to several of its bases and thus offer its members and their families an innovative activity.

In 2015, Bossaball Colombia introduced an innovative educational concept, liaising music and sports. In a world premiere, the practical exercise of three sports disciplines were combined with artistic rhythm workshops through a 4-station circuit around the Bossaball court. The project fitted perfectly into the new Colombian educational concepts and was also applied in this collaboration with the Colombian Military Forces.

In total, the team of Bossaball Colombia visited six different locations in Colombia, collaborating with both the Colombian Military Forces and as well the Colombian Air Force.

  • 24/4/2018 – Bogotá (Colombian Air Force College)
  • 31/5/2018 – Bogotá (Monument to the Fallen Heroes)
  • 1/9/2018 – Bogotá (Colombian Military Forces)
  • 8/9/2018 – Caquetá (Tres Esquinas – Military base GASUR)
  • 4/12/2018 – Vichada (Military base GAORI)
  • 6/3/2019 – Villavicencio (Military base CACOM 2)

Bossaball Colombia leads the launch of Fit-FAC

The Fit-FAC “Strengthen your body, transform your life” program encourages the appropriation of healthy life habits for all members of the Colombian Air Force. Fit-FAC is a project concerning military physical performance that seeks to improve the quality of life and health of the military and the civilian personnel of the Colombian Air Force units.

The program employs an interdisciplinary team related to physical activity and health, which seeks to raise awareness among all air units throughout the country, a change in habits in terms of training sports and the consumption of healthy food, thus improving their quality of life.

The program of ‘Fit-FAC’ had its official launch on May 31, 2018, at the Monument to the Fallen Heroes in downtown Bogotá. Bossaball was the main attraction for all the members of the Colombian Air Force and their families.

“Mi Familia, Mi Fuerza” – my family, my strength

Bossaball was furthermore implemented through the “Mi Familia, Mi Fuerza” program, a project led by the Human Development Headquarters and the Directorate of Family and Social Welfare, DIFAB, in order to enrich the mission principles and values of all the members of the Colombian Air Force, promoting stronger personal and family relationships.

For example, with the aim of promoting, protecting and defending the family as the center of gravity of the members of the Combat Air Command No. 6, CACOM 6, several cultural activities and events were held in the facilities of the Air Group unit in Tres Esquinas, Caqueta.

On the website of the Colombian Air Force, it is specified “during sports activities, Bossaball stands out, where children and adults participated with the leadership of the staff. Similarly, the “Fit-FAC” campaign and recreational activities with the students of the school and some talks were held with the purpose of strengthening family ties, as well as the integration of the entire family of the Air Base.” Under the same project, Bossaball activities were carried out in the Military Bases of the Grupo Aéreo de Oriente in Vichada and in the CACOM 2 in Villavicencio.

In July and August 2019, the Colombian Air Force continues using Bossaball for sports activities and two more events are scheduled.

  • 24-26/7/2019 – Puerto Salgar (Air Combat Command #1)
  • 1-2/8/2019 – Bogota (Club de sub oficiales)