“Bossaball Sports School” implemented by Cafam

Bossaball, the discipline that combines volleyball, soccer, gymnastics and music in one of the most entertaining new games, arrived in Cafam in October 2017. Cafam is a Colombian compensation fund.

The Bossaball Sports School, which was first implemented at the Cafam Melgar resort, is a training program that seeks, in addition to teaching a new sport, to contribute to the integral development of students. Through an appropriate pedagogical and technical process, the participants, by strengthening their mental, physical, emotional and social abilities, acquire an active and healthy lifestyle.

Centro de Vacaciones Cafam-Melgar Bossaball Colombia!!

Más de 30 días, 4500 personas impactadas, muchas horas en deporte, música y diversión se vivieron en el centro de vacaciones Cafam – Melgar con Bossaball Colombia.Definitivamente Bossaball es la mejor experiencia para tus vacaciones.????☀Y como el que es caballero repite…Estaremos desde el viernes 23 de marzo al domingo 1 de abril compartiendo nuevamente con todos ustedes; los esperamos con la increíble mezcla del vóley, la gimnasia y el futbol acompañado de la mejor música!!??‍♀?‍♂⚽??#BossabalColombia #deporte #salud #cafamsiempreatulado

Publicada por Bossaball Colombia en Miércoles, 21 de marzo de 2018

Cafam is a Colombian compensation fund that owns pharmacies, hotels, convention centers, recreational clubs and schools and offers subsidy services and expertise in credits, insurance, tourism, health, education and housing.

The compensation funds in Colombia are private, non-profit, economic redistribution and solidary entities. The objective of their creation is to improve the life quality of the families, whom usually obtain their membership through their employees.

In this PDF document you can find all the details of the programming of the Bossaball Sports School at the Cafam Melgar resort.

Extension to the Club Campestre and Cafam Madelena

The Bossaball Sports School is structured under a pedagogical model, with professional instructors and specialists in the sport and is characterized by being an interdisciplinary, innovative and varied sports activity that facilitates the integrity of the human being.

Cafam has several resorts, among them in the city of Melgar, and sports clubs, such as the Club Campestre and the Cafam Madelena.

After more than 30 days between October and December 2017 and 4,500 people impacted at the resort in Cafam Melgar, the same concept of the Bossaball Sports School was integrated at the Club Campestre and in Cafam Madelena.

In this PDF document you can find all the details of the program at the Club Campestre and Cafam Madelena.