Bossaball in São Paulo at Virada Esportiva

Bossaball took part in the Virada Esportiva in Sao Paulo, with about 3,5 million participants one of the largest sports events in the world! The Virada Esportiva entailed 24 uninterrupted hours of sports, recreation and leisure with 2500 activities on 1000 locations!

For the second consecutive year, Bossaball in Brazil again gained attention at the Virada Esportiva de São Paulo, the organizing committee indicated Bossaball as one of the highlights of the 2011 edition. “We installed Bossaball in one of the best locations in the city center”, Mr. Chamlian, current licensee for Bossaball in Brazil, told the press.

Bossaball in Brazil is growing in popularity. In 2011 around 3.000 people already played Bossaball. But to get more professional athletes, Chamlian has some more goals to reach. “We would like to get an indoor fixed point as a center of training and to bring more courts to Brazil.”

Online press featuring Bossaball at the Virada Esportiva: