Bossaball is part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge

In a city initiative of the Crown Prince of Dubai and the Dubai Government, from 20 October – 18 November 2017, Dubai took on the challenge to get active for 30 minutes every day for 30 days. From Weekend Carnivals to citywide events, the community joined in to help make Dubai the most active city in the world.

On the 27th and 28th of October, Bossaball was part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge, when the second weekend carnival took place on the Kite Beach in Jumeirah. Exhibition players from the Netherlands, Spain and Brazil guaranteed two action-packed days and drew people on Kite Beach to the court – convincing with high-flying spikes topped with groovy tunes! Kite beach, located between the famous hotel Burj Al Arab and the world’s highest building Burj Khalifa, set the stage for the exhibitions and workshops.

Thousands gathered at Kite Beach Dubai during the weekend to participate in the Dubai Fitness Challenge second weekend carnival. Moreover, the carnival played host to celebrity training sessions, team and individual sports, stage acts and over 40 exciting sports and activities including the much-awaited Dubai City Swim. Click here for an overview of the schedule for the second weekend.

The Dubai Fitness Challenge promotes a healthy lifestyle

The Dubai Fitness Challenge aimed to get people of all ages and fitness levels to make a healthy habit for life by committing to 30 minutes of exercise every day for 30 days.

Presenting the perfect opportunity to get active and enjoy a digital detox, DFC offers participants the chance to try their hand at a huge range of sports and activities that they may not have experienced before.

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  • Where: United Arab Emirates, Dubai
  • When: 27/28 October 2017

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