ExpoFitness Medellin 2022


ExpoFitness Medellin 2022 starred in the start of the Bossaball season in Colombia, where our players shared experiences with all the experts in healthy living and body culture.

What better way to replace boring cardio than by jumping to the beat of Bossaball?
People from all kinds of sports fields left their usual habits and tried out new moves and skills on the Bossaball court. That enthusiasm coupled with the energy booster Electrolit drinks made the rallies attract the attention of everyone who passed by.

We had the honor of welcoming Diana Rios, a player from the Colombian beach volleyball team, who showed us her power by debuting in Bossaball with an incredible bicycle kick serve.

Women sports and mixt sports Bossaball

Bossaball was not the only innovative concept that Medellín witnessed, as our sponsor very veggie equally launched their vegetarian ceviche on the Expo Fitness sports fair; the perfect lunch for healthy orientated athletes.

Two other sponsors backed up this Bossaball Medellin premiere: the marvelous dishes from U Chef and the construction company Método Constructivo who promoted its new building the Valenta tower located in the heart of Medellín.


Even the army couldn´t stop their feelings and decided to watch the games and join the samba that Bossaball brought to ExpoFitness Medellin.

Army in sports Bossaball