Bossaball present at the Cali Sportfest 2019

The Bossaball exhibition matches were something never seen before in Cali. The Cali Sportfest 2019 was held from 6 to 8 September 2019 , the largest sports festival in South America took place at the El Pueblo Coliseum. In Cali, Colombia, the ‘American Capital of Sport 2019’, more than 80 free activities were held for the public in the main sports complexes.

Cali vibrated during the third edition of the Sportfest, a festival that brought together more than 3,000 athletes and 70,000 visitors, between nationals and foreigners. The ‘American Capital of Sport’ offered a prime stage for the presentation of incredible sports shows such as Tatán Mejía‘s Freestyle motor cycle show, Bossaball’s first ever presence in Cali, the 2019 E-Sports Cup, the Sports Dance Grand Slam ‘Open al ritmo del cielo‘ and Cosplay. The organization of the Cali Sportfest 2019, the Ministry of Sport and Recreation, capitalized on the novelty of Bossaball to announce its event:

Bossaball for the first time in Cali

For the first time in Cali during the Cali Sportfest 2019, the largest free sports festival in the country, there were elite players from Colombia and Argentina, making it one of the most attractive shows of this magnificent event. Bossaball was announced as “a mix of soccer, volleyball, and gymnastics, covered with exotic music, played on an inflatable court with trampolines and a net in the middle, allowing players to hit the ball with any part of their body. The result is astonishing: airstrikes, dramatic defenses, and masterful control.

Bossaball located in the ‘El Pueblo’ coliseum

The Bossaball court was located in the Alberto Galindo sports unit (El Pueblo coliseum), on one of the soccer fields. At the Cali Sportfest 2019, there were competitions for 28 leagues, while in 5 of them, the national athletes got together with their peers from more than 30 foreign countries. During the official presentation of the event, the Mayor of Cali, Maurice Armitage, stated that “Sportfest for me as mayor is the culmination of a series of important events of the Ministry of Sport, which is linking all the inhabitants of Cali to these activities. This is a free program in which there are all kinds of modalities for everyone to participate”.

¡Un espectacular show que dejará sin palabras!Por primera vez en Cali y durante el #CaliSportFest2019, el festival…

Publicada por Secretaría del Deporte y la Recreación en Domingo, 1 de septiembre de 2019


For his part, the Secretary of Sport and Recreation, Francisco Sandoval Baffoni, stated that “it is truly satisfactory to present a new version of this unique sports festival, in which people from Cali will participate for free in a broad program with 28 sports league competitions. In addition, the first World Sport Meeting will be held”.

“As the American Capital of Sport, we want Cali to consolidate itself as the country’s sports epicenter. The Cali Sportfest allows people to enjoy a series of events that shall be inspiring to change their lifestyles. We have to recognize the support of the Mayor of Cali, headed by Maurice Armitage, who has promoted sports in our city”, explains Francisco Sandoval Baffoni, Secretary of Sport for the Valle de Cauca capital.

“This festival is a benchmark not only in Colombia but in Latin America. Summoning 70.000 people in two days around sports is something unique and it is certainly a proposal that should be exported to Europe due to its success. We are impressed and happy to live this beautiful party”, Hugo Alonso Castañón, Secretary General of Aces Europe, pointed out.

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