Andere spelen – a sports festival by a.s.r

A.s.r, a Dutch insurance company, set up this major sports festival to give unknown sports a big platform and motivate children to get more exercise and try new kinds of sports.

A market research in the Netherlands had shown that one in five Dutch children between seven and fourteen years have too little exercise. In order to offer Dutch kids something new and different, Andere spelen – the Other Games – took place on November 9th 2014 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Sports festival New sports Bossaball Soccer Football Volleyball Netherlands Hybrid sports Gymnastics Utrecht

One of the sports that could be tried was Bossaball, offering all the participants our dynamic sport that combines the best of football, volleyball and gymnastics and is played on an inflatable court with trampolines. Bossaball fit perfectly into the initiative of a.s.r, since Bossaball of course is fun to play, is enjoyable from the first minute for all participants and is a unique way to be physically active.

Around 10,000 children came to Andere spelen and had the chance to experience new and untraditional sports. The event itself and Bossaball’s participation were announced on, Brandbase and Volleybalkrant.

Promotion video of Bossaball for the Andere spelen sports festival

The main trailer of the sports festival

Andere spelen – behind the scenes