• Where: The Netherlands
  • When: Long-term collaboration

Haribo/Maoam Bossaball Schooltour

With “Haribo / MaoaM Bossaball Schooltour” schools can book a day with an innovative sport for their students. 2014 marked the second year of the tour in collaboration with Haribo/MaoaM.

In total, 70 schools have participated in this program. Throughout the two years 105,148 students had the opportunity to play bossaball. The collaboration is carried out with a split funding, which means that the event budget is shared between the school and Haribo/MaoaM as a sponsor. This procedure allows achieving two objectives. First, thanks to the financial support of the brand, the schools can offer their students the activity, presenting the students an extracurricular activity at no costs. Moreover, because of its sponsorship of this project, the brand enters the educational market and to their marketing activities a sociocultural aspect. Bossaball has developed a program with specific exercises for students from 6 to 12 years so that they can enjoy the sport from the first moment. The exercises combine and blend the classic gym classes with ball sports. During the clinic, two instructors practice the various techniques.