Bossaball classes at Hogeschool van Arnhem Nijmegen

The HAN, located in the Western Netherlands, has 30,000 students. In the degree of Physical Education, Bossaball is an official degree course.

  • Where: The Netherlands, Nijmegen
  • When: Long-term collaboration

Within the course, a total of 125 students play Bossaball twice a week. The subject of Bossaball has a theoretical and practical part: In the practical part, students play the new sport which integrates different technical sports – volleyball, football, gymnastics – on the very same court.

In the theoretical part students face a multiple-choice test on technical and tactical questions regarding the game of Bossaball. In addition, students have to organize the ”Dutch National Bossaball Championship”. In order to realize this project, students must master logistical issues, sports marketing, sponsorship search, marketing of the social networks, etc. The organizational work concerning the championship is a component of the theoretical part. Furthermore, students of the degree “Sport, Health and Administration” conducted studies and analysis of the development of bossaball as an emerging and innovative sport.

Bossaball appeared on the cover of “SPORTHART”, the university magazine of the HAN. The main article stated bossaball as a golden combination. The success of the first organization of the championship caused the repetition of the course and the event in the following years.