• Where: The Netherlands
  • When: 23.06.2010

Bossaball special guest at the opening of InnoSportLab Eindhoven

InnoSportNL is a governmental institution that, through InnoSportLab, offers research and test facilities so that companies and sports federations can work together.

The creation of a digital platform for various national sports federations was part of the project InnoSport. This platform facilitates enrollment in courses, conferences and competitions, and allows the federation to benefit from the new digital technologies. Bossaball was a special guest for the opening of InnoSportLab in Eindhoven, serving as an example of an innovative and emerging sport.

InnoSportNL introduced bossaball to Sporthogeschool Fontys Eindhoven in order to set up a university club. Since then bossaball collaborates with the private sports college and through college sports students have the opportunity to train and play bossaball.