Bossaball new sports discipline in university competitions

In 2017, the Regional University Games (JUR) were held, organized by the Ministry of Education and Sports, together with the Secretary of University Policies and the Federation of University Sports in Argentina (FEDuA).

The objective of the JUR is to promote the academic and human development of university students with inclusive, innovative and supportive competitions and tournaments.

It is an annual and federal tournament where students represent public and private higher education institutions of Argentina. It consists of two stages of competition: the Regional and the National University Games. The University Games reunite twelve sports disciplines among which Bossaball was included as a novelty and a try-out sport for all the participants.

The Santander Río Bank of Argentina, which sponsored and actively participated in the organization of the local Bossaball tournament, together with the FEDuA, collaborated for this edition. These were the participating universities:

  • UNLP (National University of La Plata),
  • UBA (University of Buenos Aires),
  • Romero Brest (University related to Sports),
  • UNA (University of Art),
  • UNGS (General Sarmiento University)

Banco Santander Río is a commercial and financial services bank based in Buenos Aires. Its banking operations are the third largest in Argentina. The sponsorship sought to find young university talent to involve them for an internship in the largest bank among all privately owned banks in the country and thus convince young people to develop a professional career and become future leaders of the company.

In this edition, the National University of La Plata took the title again, which it had already achieved in the first edition of a university tournament of Bossaball in Argentina.