Bossaball arrives at the Heroic City Cartagena

After the great welcome that Bossaball has had in the capital city of Colombia as an educational and sports strategy, implementing it as a part of the program of Complementary School Time, the mayor of the city of Cartagena, Manolo Duque, has decided to promote in his city a pilot project of this sport in the Educational Institution Nuevo Bosque.

On August 19, 2016, with the participation of the District Secretary of Education, German Sierra, the Mayor of Cartagena de Indias, the Bossaball project was officially inaugurated in the Nuevo Bosque neighborhood in front of the educational and civic community. It was presented as a pedagogical perspective combining music and sports and the benefits for the integral formation that provides practicing the sport as an innovative educational strategy.

It is worth mentioning that the “Jornada Única” in Colombia is a public strategy of the Ministry of National Education that seeks to increase the development of basic skills in the different areas of knowledge of the students of public schools. The project will impact and benefit the approximately 1,425 students who are part of the Nuevo Bosque Educational Institution. As Bossaball is a sport that articulates four disciplines; three sports and one musical, children and young people of this institution will learn volleyball, gymnastics and football in an unconventional way. In addition to this, students will approach different Colombian rhythms such as cumbia, chandé, mapale, among others, through sounds and body percussion (stomp) and learn about percussion instruments such as the cheerful tambora, the drum and other instruments characteristic of Colombian culture and the Caribbean region.

Thanks to all of the above, Mayor Manolo Duque was very pleased with the introduction of this new sport in the curricular structure of the official schools, stating that it »has had a positive impact on our youth; I see them happy, but the most important thing is to be very clear that with having our young people engaged in sports, culture and education, we will have better results.«

Similarly, the president of the agency ‘‘Marketing Deportivo Internacional’ (International Sports Marketing) – MDI, Arieh Guberek Grimberg, the main promoter in Colombia of the new sport, said that Bossaball “is an inclusive sport where there is no discrimination and that it has a curricular development, which allows to evaluate the progressive evolution of the students”. The well-known entrepreneur, who also runs the agency Promesas del Fútbol Colombiano-ProFutcol SA, being an official agent of the International Federation of Associated Football (FIFA), said: “We have been in Bogota for three years and the results are amazing, and we want Cartagena to learn to love this sport, because it constitutes a true pedagogical contribution”.

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