Bossaball and Tropicana Frutz challenging the Egyptian desert sun

Bossaball has come back to Egypt, this time in collaboration with Tropicana Frutz, a new drink of the number one fruit juice expert in the world. Between the 5th and the 7th of August of 2015, a team of 9 international bossaball players from Argentina, the Netherlands, Spain and Romania brought a refreshing experience to different beaches on Egypt’s Northern Coast.

Once more a brand chose Bossaball as a marketing tool for one of their products in Egypt! Tropicana, an American multinational company which primarily makes fruit-based beverages, is hitting the market in the Middle East with a new drink called Frutz, a new and exciting way to enjoy fruit juice. After last year’s bossaball exhibitions with Etisalat, a multinational UAE based telecommunications services provider, bossaball came back the Egyptian coast. 

The tour, which combined shows from our players and clinics led by our instructors, enabled Tropicana to combine the promotion of their new drink with our emerging sport. The beach tour was set up with our Middle Eastern partners FIAN Group Inc. and their agents from the Egyptian Innovation Crew. The trip led the bossaball crew along two different beach sites: Marina and Telal Beach, up-scale beach resorts that attract mainly the Egyptian upper class. The beachgoers of these exclusive sites were invited onto the court after the daily shows. No doubt, after the workout they quenched their thirst with one of Tropicana Frutz’ three flavors!

Tropicana was acquired by PepsiCo in 1998, which combined it with the Dole brand for marketing purposes. It since then has become the world’s leading producer of branded fruit juices.

  • Where: Egypt, Marina and Telal Beach
  • When: 5.-7. August 2015

Bossaball Middle East