The favorite snacks of Colombians: Súper Ricas and Todo Rico

From April 2018 to December of the same year, Super Ricas, the authentic snack, spiced up the Colombian palates through the spectacular snack brand activation with Bossaball, giving more than 169,000 residents the chance to enjoy the inclusive sports discipline.

Bossaball Colombia impacted the afternoons in colleges, universities and parks of the Colombian capital (Bogotá) with the snack brand activation of Super Ricas and Todo Rico, two memorable grocery companies that have been occupying the first places in the Colombian snacks market for more than 50 years.

During these eight months, 32,000 young people and adults of the city enjoyed the “Super Rico Todo Rico Bossaball” experience, thanks to this attractive snacks brand activation. The activities were carried out in different scenarios throughout the city: 50 public and private schools, 14 public and private universities, 6 concerts and festivals, 16 parks, 11 sports centers and 3 shopping centers, thus completing one-hundred events at the end of October.

Super Ricas in universities and colleges in Bogotá

For the development of the activities in universities and schools, Bossaball Colombia implemented a pedagogical strategy, which included three stations: the Bossaball court, a volleyball / futvoley station and a musical station, which each had a specialized instructor. This dynamic set-up allows attendees to practice the basic disciplines of Bossaball and acquire in a short period of time the necessary skills for the practice of the new sport.

This rotational system for groups with different stations was articulated for the different educational institutions as an extracurricular strategy that allowed to link in a single day more than 350 participants.

Highlight events

Some of the most relevant events: Mundo Aventura, an amusement park of special recognition in the capital, the University of La Sabana, the School of Engineers, Juan Del Rizzo College, the Pedagogical University of Colombia, El Tunal Park, Coldeportes, the Unicentro Mall and the University El Rosario.

The activations displayed the versatility of the sport combined with the popularity of Super Ricas, a brand that alludes to family values and local Colombian culture that was combined with the inclusive qualities that characterize Bossaball.”