Rexona – 10 times more protection playing Bossaball

Rexona, the world’s best-selling deodorant brand, held a one-week promotional tour featuring our demonstration players in Mar del Plata, a beach on the Argentinian coast.

The event combined shows from our players and clinics led by our instructors. This approach enabled Rexona to expose its newest product and invite people to try their new protection technology during an intense session of Bossaball in the Argentinian summer sun. The results were successful for everyone as the brand received the customer satisfaction they were hoping for while we got to share our game with the energetic, enthusiastic and talented Argentinians, resulting in another successful promotion of our sport and its flexibility.

Rexona’s campaign slogan “Jump 10 times more”, reflected perfectly the symbiosis between the high performance level of its new antiperspirant product through the dynamic and energetic action of the Bossaball game.

We are proud to have associated our name with Rexona, a brand owned by the personal care products world´s market leader, Unilever. Check out the promotional video of the tour, which reached more than 370.000 views in Youtube. – Rexona, Bossaball and Mar del Plata

A sport that makes you jump 10 times more and demands more protection Through the launch of the new Rexona Antibacterial, Rexona will be present in different paradors of Mar del Plata from Friday 23 to Thursday 29 January – with the exception of Monday 26 – and will offer the public a different proposal, challenging it to exceed its limits when participating in the Bossaball tournaments.

Bossaball is a game that mixes volleyball, soccer, capoeira and the best jumps to the rhythm of music. Along with outstanding professionals, Rexona will challenge participants to exceed their limits, jump 10 times more, and win prizes, while feeling safe and protected with the benefits provided by the new Rexona Antibacterial, an antiperspirant that offers 10 times more protection against bacteria, which can lead to bad smell. The Bossaball tournaments will take place from 2pm to 6pm at the following paradors:
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About the new Rexona Antibacterial: It is an antiperspirant that offers 10 times more protection against the bacteria that cause the bad smell. This new antiperspirant offers its benefits through two main ingredients: the active antiperspirant and the fragrance system with its exclusive MotionSense™ formula, encapsulated fragrance technology activated by the movement of the body, keeping the skin clean and fresh all day. The new Rexona Antibacterial comes in presentations for men and women and is available in the main hypermarkets, supermarkets, perfumeries, pharmacies and supermarkets throughout the country.