Red Bull supports new sport Bossaball

On numerous occasions, Red Bull has accompanied Bossaball on events and through media coverage. The beverage with the highest market share of any energy drink in the world, 6.790 billion cans sold in a year, highlighted Bossaball’s tenth anniversary in a documentary on Red Bull TV and reinforced events and activations around the world through events in Tunisia, Turkey, Austria, Slovenia, Kuwait, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

A decade in the air Cup – Bossaball’s 10th year anniversary

Bossaball celebrated its first decade with an International Championship in Malaga and Granada, Spain. The four best teams in the world competed in the A Decade in the air Cup, a tournament, which was held on April 25th in a ski-resort in Granada and on April 26th in the recently inaugurated state-of-the-art port of Malaga. In a thriller of a final at the plaza near the Pompidou museum, the national team of Belgium took victory against bossaball Argentina in one of the best bossaball games ever.

Red Bull TV sent a four-person film team to cover what turned out to be Bossaball’s high point of its first decade. The TV team followed the preparations of the teams in the BossaFarm and throughout the entire tournament. The first piece of the documentary, where Bossaball is part of a sports-featuring series named “Games of Strange”, was broadcasted in November 2016.

Bossaball tours Tunisia’s beaches and universities with Red Bull

Bossaball Tunisia started a long-term collaboration an Orange brand activation in 2015. Orange took the main sponsorship for the activation events, while implementing complementary sponsors mobile brand Huawei through package deals including Orange tariffs and Red Bull, who provided the entertainment around the court with music performances and workouts. Since the first collaboration in 2015, three summer beach tours and three university activation tours have been carried out. Click here for a press release overview of the 2016 beach tour, when Red Bull got on board.

Turkey host of the 1st Bossaball World Cup

Brazil won the first Bossaball World Cup that took place in Turkey between the 3rd till the 10th of May 2009. The 5 participating national teams were Brazil, Belgium, The Netherlands, Kuwait and Singapore.

The World Cup was set up in collaboration with “WOW Hotels”, a chain of Turkish hotel resorts, the Thomas Cook Group and Red Bull, who joined the sponsoring line-up with entertainment support and facilities for the national players.

Bossaball is chosen for another airline brand activation

Bossaball at the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships 2017 were 10 days of action under the Viennese summer sun, which entailed clinics for all the Austrian beach volleyball fans and two Bossaball tournaments with the teams from Colombia, Belgium and the dominant line-up from the Netherlands.

Bossaball had found Austrian Airlines as a sponsor for the event and throughout the 10 days our sport showed to be yet another time suitable for an airline brand activation. Red Bull joined the sponsoring line-up with entertainment support and with the Red Bull DJ car gave our samba referees a great stage to hype up both players and public.

After the 2017 World Cup Beach volley, Red Bull was again present during our demonstrations of soccer, volley, trampolines and music during the 2018 edition !

Brazil tromps to victory in Kuwait

The Brazilian Bossaball team flew back to Rio de Janeiro jubilant, after winning the Cup at the Zain International Bossaball Tournament. Brazil, Spain, and two universities from Kuwait were the four teams competing in the one-day tournament which was held on October 10, 2008 on the Marina Crescent. Red Bull took part in the sponsorship of the event by supplying the athletes and public with energy drinks and furthermore supported the event installation with a branded pavilion.

Red Bull takes Bossaball to the Alps

Bossaball players from Holland, Belgium and Slovenia had the first Bossaball match ever in the snow in Zell am See. Red Bull sponsored the Splash Contest at a height of 2200 meters, where ski and snowboard fans were totally blown away by seeing our new ball sport in the Alps.


Further to these projects and activations, Red Bull joined Bossaball for events in Slovenia, Spain and Dubai.