Argentinian Summer with Quilmes

In the last two months, two major projects have started in Argentina and are paying off according to attention and level of the game. One of them was with Quilmes on the famous coastal line of cities as Pinamar and Mar del Plata.

The events on the Argentinian coast were set up with the newly formed national team. Eyckmans believes Argentina has a promising team and sees a bright future for Bossaball in the country. Hence, he is looking forward to a clash between the two main rivalries of the Western Hemisphere: Argentina and Brazil. “You can feel the vibe already. The tension that rises when the Bossaball team of The Netherlands is playing Belgium, that is what we will experience soon on this continent as well.”

Bossaball took a step forward relating to the level of the game, Eyckmans tells about the Argentinian line-up: “They’ve been practicing a lot and have a good defense. This means they are fatiguing the opponent’s trampoline jumper, who needs to gain height over and over again.”


Another milestone in the history of Bossaball is the participation of Diego Gutierrez, a former national volleyball player who quit his career last October and decided to switch to bossaball. “He’s been an international player for years, experienced two Olympic Games”, Eyckmans tells. “The fact that a guy like Diego, with such a list of achievements, is still working incredibly to become the best setter in Argentinian Bossaball, makes me proud.”

After his Balthazar remix for the new Bossaball video, DJ Buscemi was specially flown over from Belgium to be our special Samba Referee on the turntables.

  • When: January 2013
  • Where: Argentina, Pinamar and Mar del Plata.