Pepsi – Refresh your world with Bossaball

Music and Sports BV teamed up with Pepsi to further develop bossaball in the Netherlands.

This unique collaboration fits into Pepsi’s worldwide campaign “Refresh your World”, with bossaball being part of the category “Refresh your Sport”. Pepsi seeks to stimulate youngsters to discover and explore new innovative sports and found bossaball to be the perfect match to reach its goals.

Pepsi is sponsoring several bossaball bookings, promoting bossaball on their website, etc.

One of the events carried out with the multinational brand included a bossaball demonstration at the Open Day of Honorary Division Football Club “Feyenoord”.

Furthermore a Bossaball event was set up on the 4th of September where people could subscribe to play bossaball and show off their skills. The 2 best participants were selected for an intensive training to become an international demonstration player and to be a member of the national Dutch bossaball team. The 2 players that have been selected are Sven de Lether and Maaike Swinkels. They will soon start representing bossaball on tournaments and demo sessions all over the world.

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