When: Long-term collaboration

Where: The Netherlands and France

Bossaball Netherlands

HARIBO Bossaball Tours Netherlands & France

After 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Haribo will also in 2015 sponsor our ‘Bossaball Summer Tour’!

Confectionery group Haribo continues taking care of Bossaball and has not unveiled a new sponsorship program – the current concept works fine. Director of Music & Sports Wilco Nijland said. “Successful previous alliances make the continuation happen.


Follow up tour 2012 for HARIBO along 21 camp sites in the Netherlands


Follow up tour 2011 for HARIBO along 49 camp sites in the Netherlands. Following the 2010 tour in France, Bossaball was on tour  during summer 2011 to promote Haribo. This time the Haribo Bossaball tour visited 49 campsites all over the Netherlands.


During summer 2010 bossaball toured France to promote sweets brand Haribo, the biggest manufacturer of gummy and jelly sweets in the world! After its passage at the Tour de France, the colorful Haribo caravan brought bossaball to the popular beaches all along the French coast. Demonstration sessions were carried out by a team of top players from Brazil and Europe. People from the audience were invited to play as well and enjoy the bossaball game themselves! The Haribo tour was set up in collaboration with NRJ GLOBAL, part of the French multimedia NRJ Group based in Paris and known for the NRJ pop music radio station.


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