Bossaball at the ADIDAS Olympic Day

On the 28th of July, Bossaball was part of an adidas event in Germany. The adidas Group, one of the global leaders in the sporting goods industry, invited the game of Bossaball to the headquarters in Herzogenaurach in view of the adidas Olympic Day. Here, Bossaball was greeted by several thousands of employees and their families.

After a professional practice week in Belgium a 12-headed selection of worldwide Bossaball players took off to Germany to showcase the game. Several clinics and demonstrations were given and performed, accompanied by professional samba referees to create the right atmosphere.

The symbol of the Olympic Games, composed of the five famous interlocking rings, represented different categories. Bossaball was set in the category of ‘Next Generation Sports’. “Adidas shapes the future of sport, built on a passion.”, tells Music & Sports Freek de Jong. “We were extremely pleased with the opportunity we were given here, you should not forfeit a unique chance like this.”

The game changes at the ADIDAS Olympic Day

The adidas Olympic Day coincided with the introduction of an upgraded Bossaball game plan. From then on, the new rules contain tossing a ball around only five times and a new scoring system. A soccer touch score on the inflatable will from now on be awarded with three points, whilst the team obtains even five points for (soccer touch) scoring inside the trampoline of the opponent team. De Jong says: “Bossaball evolves. The game appears more attractive than it already is.”

At the All Olympic Day of adidas, Bossaball was also discovered by 2 secret sports agents who were looking for a new sport that unites everything from Brazil. Check it out in the video below.

Five years after the event at the adidas HQ, Bossaball came back to Herzogenaurach, highlighting the summer fest of Puma, the other major German sports apparel brand located in the Franconian small town. Something that is owed to the fact that the founders of Adidas and Puma were brothers.

Extract from the ADIDAS blog

Richard Veit 30/07/2012

“The Olympic Spirit breezes through the World of Sports

One day after the Olympic flame was ignited, that sent the 30th Olympic Games in London underway, the adidas Group invited its employees and their families to the Olympic Day at the World of Sports. For over 4.000 guests, the campus of adidas’ headquarters was transformed into a true Olympic Park. Almost every Olympic discipline was represented, London’s most famous sights were rebuilt and integrated into the beautiful landscape of World of Sports and last but not least, typical British food was served. In the middle of it all were Eva Nusser, adidas Sales representative, and me. As we are both sport enthusiasts, this was a very memorable day for us.”