Bossaball launched on African soil!

The take-up of bossaball is spreading very fast. Since its inception the game has swept the globe. And last month, bossaball took steps on African soil. From 11-30 December 2012, a spectacular release took place in South Africa. 

A Bossaball tour powered by 8ta, a South African mobile telecommunications company, visited 5 different beaches: “This was one of the best Bossaball launches we’ve done thus far”, international manager at bossaball Wilco Nijland says.

Nijland, who joined the tour over a week, was amazed by the reception of bossaball. “The event itself, organized in collaboration with our local partner Hein van Zijl and his company ProVid Productions, ran smoothly, especially thanks to the South African people. This has been one of the most intense sporting experience I’ve ever had.”

“South Africa has a great sports atmosphere”, Nijland continues. “Rugby and cricket are the most popular team sports, but it’s a sports crazy nation in general. That’s why I believe in the success of Bossaball in South Africa. Of course, the team needs more players and we need to train them. That’s why we’ve sent four players from Brazil, The Netherlands and Slovenia to take care of them and improve their skills. But hitherto our partner’s efforts are praiseworthy. For example, to see those youngsters from the town ships play bossaball gives you a great feeling.’’

Other releases of Bossaball in African countries are planned on short term. “There are some countries interested in capturing bossaball, mainly in the North of Africa. At the moment our instructor Blaz Dolenc from Slovenia is training the Bossaball players of Tunisia.

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