Question: How can I get in touch with a licensed partner?

If you cannot find their information on this website, you can always reach us through the contact form and we will get back to you.

Question: I found companies and/or websites that sell courts, is that legal?

No. Since our creation, we have been fighting against copy cats that are dangerous for the safety and health of the participants.

Bossaball courts that have not been produced by our official manufacturers and have not been sold through Bossaball Sports S.L. and/or its licensed partners are counterfeit bossaball courts. They are neither produced nor approved by us and thus entail considerable security risks for the players and participants, apart from infringing Intellectual Property rights.

Question: Where can a bossaball court be set up?

Over the last decade bossaball has been installed on a large variety of sites, showing its adaptability and flexibility through its easy set up. Our courts can be installed on any flat surface: in an indoor hall, on a beach, on a snowy mountain, in a stadium, etc…

Question: Where can I play bossaball?

There are several clubs which you can find in our World Map. You can also check our future events to find out when and where you will have a chance to experience bossaball.

Follow us and our partners on Facebook where we regularly announce upcoming events.

Question: How can I become an official samba referee?

Do you like action sports? Are you a DJ? Do you have a funny voice? Can we leave a game of bossaball to your judgement? Then you might have what it takes to become a samba referee! Send us your mixtapes, ideas, anything good, and if we like it, we will get back to you…

Question: Where can I listen to bossaball music?

Click here to access our BossaBeats playlist on Spotify!