Bossaball on your event

Bossaball has been installed on various settings such as beaches, ski resorts, shopping malls, market places, hotels, universities, fairs and so on.

Have a look at some exemplary branding events and touristic, educational or governmental projects.

Bossaball courts can be rented for all your projects and events worldwide, depending on the local availability of a court. All rentals include 2 bossaball instructors during the full rental period in order to guarantee that the court will be handled correctly and that all safety instructions are respected. They will instruct the participants and lead the games. Based on this, we offer two formulas with either 5 players or 10 players and a speaker. In order to prepare a quote for contracting our players, please inform us how many players you would like to book and for how long, where to deliver and pick up the court(s) and the exact time frame of your event. Of course, we will assist you in the production process for set up, instructions, etc.

We want to stipulate the importance of having good demo players for launches, major events or big campaigns. After more than thousand events, we can assure that bossaball is fun to play and enjoyable from the first minute for all participants. However, in order to guarantee maximum impact towards press, sponsors, business partners, the audience, etc., professional demonstration players are absolutely necessary to assure an impressive spectacle.