We adapt to your needs

In the next sections we give you an overview of how Bossaball can be commercialized and adapted, following the structure of your organization. This will enable you to personalize our concept into your conditions and needs. From our international headquarters we work with exclusive licenses and partnerships as well as with standard renting formulas. Bossaball International will assist you in this process and supply you all necessary information through our experience in multiple types of Bossaball events.

Brand building

In its young history, bossaball has collaborated with a wide range of different brands worldwide. Brands have found in bossaball an ideal partner to show their products in both an attractive and participative way. Our professional demo teams attract media and crowd with their spectacular moves and invite the assisting public to join the game and feel the experience for itself. On one hand, some of our tours took more than 2 months attending sites on national scale, on the other hand various one day or weekend events have been successfully set up. Ask us about all possible combinations of demo teams, instructors, samba referees and we will make you a competitive quote.

Touristic events

Both governmental tourism departments, their respective holiday destinations and touristic venues, such as hotels, beach clubs and bars, have set up bossaball events to capture the interest of potential visitors, to market their destination, and to enhance and enrich the experience of their customers. Bossaball events, such as tournaments, exhibitions by professional players and interactive clinics, were organized to promote local tourism and to attract TV channels, radio stations and print journalism and thus to multiply the impact of the event. Hotels, clubs and bars established collaborations with both international and local suppliers to distinguish themselves from their competitors through bossaball.

Educational projects

At a worldwide level, schools, colleges, educational centers and universities have set in bossaball to expand its curriculum and enrichment programs. For that purpose, teachers and education managers have  integrateted Bossaball as an official subject, provided a platform to organize sports events and to learn about logistics, production, marketing, sponsoring and social media.Students have  participated in scientific publications on emerging and innovative sports and learnt to enhance and stimulate the effects of sport through bossaball as various sports techniques are performed on the same court. Bossaball, in the context of universities and colleges, allows, on the one hand, the enhancement of the image of an educational organization through an emerging an innovative sport and, on the other hand, the introduction of brands into the academic world, which allows the presentation of their products to enthusiastic and young people; Idealy a brand can help to introduce our new concept into the educational world and facilitate that both the brand and the institution benefit from this colaboration.

Governments & Federations

Over the past years, several regional and national governmental departments and city councils have set up bossaball events to enrich the lives of their citizens and to capture the interest of their potential visitors. Sports federations raised the value and impact of their programs and initiatives through bossaball. Events, tournaments, exhibitions by professional players and interactive clinics, were organized to add value to the cultural environment and promote social welfare through an emerging sport. With the help of state funds and subsidies, in many places, bossaball could anchor itself in the sporting panorama offering citizens a platform to enjoy a sporting novelty. Our international tournament at the CopaCabana during the Rio 2016 Olympics was certainly a bossaball highlight together with the clinics carried out under the FIVB umbrella.


Why not set up your own bossaball club and rent the court by hour? For fixed locations we have the know-how to assist you on how to maximize the potential of a club and to fit our courts into existing structures. We have developed several scenarios to reduce the set up time to only 10 minutes, which makes it perfectly possible to function in between the running hours of a full operating sports & leisure centre. In some of our clubs we were able to offer our services to more than 6 different entities in just one day! Training and classes at all levels can be scheduled at these clubs as well as the organization of local and international championships. Volleyball players can try out soccer moves and gymnasts can refine their ball touch. Yes, there are a lot of different techniques that can be learned on one and the same court. As in all other sports it is great to experience progress in your personal skills and we can tell you that after some training sessions, your first 3 pointer, spiking down the ball at a height of more than 3 meter will absolutely taste like more. Check out the bossaball world map to find a club near you.

Team building & Tournaments

How about a match next weekend? Wouldn’t it be nice to see your office colleague going mad on the bossa trampoline trying to spike the ball down to the three point zone where your senior manager has taken position? Yes, we can assure you that once trying out all ball tricks on our safe inflatables, the inner child awakens and big smiles are never far away. From the “National Sports Day” of the police in the Netherlands up to numerous day outs of smaller companies, bossaball has proven to be an outstanding concept combining fun and exercise. We work closely together with companies specialized in team building and again even on rainy days good times are guaranteed. A good way to organize a bossaball event is a well structured tournament. Up to 15 teams can enjoy a wonderful bossaball experience in a one day tournament and we can assure you that when the final arrives teams are just as competitive and fanatic as in other sports. At these events good catering and after parties can be organized to set up for a perfect day of fun and competition. Contact us and we will get back to you.