Become an exclusive licensee

A bossaball license will grant your company exclusive rights to represent, run and distribute bossaball in the assigned territory. Once a license is obtained, bossaball courts can be acquired through Bossaball Sports S.L. We will fully attend you with the launch and evolution process of our sport in your area.

You can then rent out the court for all sorts of events, propose it as a marketing tool for branding projects and road shows, set up bossaball competitions and clubs, start a bossaball league, develop collaborations with sport federations, governments, universities and colleges, etc. Bossaball has already been booked for sporting events, music festivals, governmental actions, corporate events, team building activities, media happenings, private parties, school projects, etc.

Send us an email explaining us your business plan and your references and give us an idea of how you want to introduce bossaball into your market.