Become an exclusive Bossaball licensee

Thank you very much for your interest in buying a Bossaball court. Let us briefly explain you how we work and what the possibilities of Bossaball are.

Our company Bossaball Sports SL is the owner of all the rights worldwide and the sole authorized producer and seller of the Bossaball courts. Bossaball Sports SL is protected through intellectual property and international copyright, reinforced by trademark and design patents worldwide.
Bossaball Sports SL does not just sell the Bossaball courts directly to interested companies or individuals. Instead we assign licenses for exclusive collaboration, representation, development and distribution in a certain country or territory, such as provinces, cities or permanent venues like sports clubs and universities.
In return, our exclusive licensees pay an annual license fee and thus
  • obtain the exclusivity for Bossaball in the contracted area,
  • have full access to Bossaball Sports SL’s know-how and expertise,
  • are authorized to benefit of Bossaball Sports SL’s promotion material and references,
  • become part of the international network of Bossaball associates and
  • can purchase the official Bossaball courts, after obtaining the license. 
After obtaining the license, you can then use the Bossaball court for all sorts of events, propose it as a marketing tool for brand activations and road shows, develop collaborations with sport federations and governmental entities, introduce Bossaball to   universities and colleges, set up Bossaball competitions and clubs, start a Bossaball league, etc.
Bossaball Sports SL will fully attend you with the launch and evolution process of the sport in your area.
In the contact form, please give us information and references about yourself and your company. Furthermore, please explain us your initial idea about how you want to introduce Bossaball into your market and how you found out about the sport. We are looking forward to receiving your petition!

Bossaball’s first decade in the air – Watch the video with the best shots and projects of Bossaball Sports SL and its exclusive partners!