Bossaball is the new sport that fuses three disciplines with music into a new spectacular mix. The combination of a soft surface and the safety provided by the inflated court, allows new moves that can be experienced by everybody. Your body will get the full work out on our court, which can be installed on diverse locations, both in-and-outdoor.

Music and sports


The aim of Bossaball has always been to mix music and sport to get the best out of those two disciplines. The word bossa, which is sometimes translated as style, flair or attitude in Portuguese, is commonly associated with Bossa Nova, a samba influenced type of Brazilian music. The name Bossaball, therefore, fits perfectly as it aims to combine sports, music and positive vibrations.

The combination of both elements, music and sports, creates a festive atmosphere where the body movements flow harmoniously to the beat of the music. The Bossaball events are being converted to something spectacular and fun, not only for the players but as well for the spectators.

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Ever wanted to experience the fluid movements of capoeira, or do you prefer beach volley? Are you a soccer fanatic or do you consider yourself more as a fancy dance floor shaker? All of this can be found in Bossaball, which offers new movements and techniques on a soft surface. The change in gravity, combined with the safety provided by the inflatable surface, allows a whole new range of techniques, team tactics and strategies. The result is astonishing overhead kicks, dramatic dives and masterful control. In exhibition matches the professional players show their spectacular skills and in the clinics our exercises blend the various sports so that everybody can enjoy the thrill of Bossaball.

Flexible logistics


The versatility of the Bossaball court allows its installation in a wide range of areas: from factories and indoor sports centers to beaches, public squares and even snowy mountains. On any flat surface, after 45 minutes, the court is set up and you are ready to play.




Bossaball offers its athletes and participants an unprecedented way to be physically active while exercising on a soft playground. The players both rebound from and bounce on the trampoline and the inflatable court and exercising on an inflatable court provides the athletes with numerous cardiovascular, health and fitness benefits what makes Bossaball a superior activity. The body is in perpetual movement due to the constant control and posture adjustment work-out in order to prepare to hit the ball or perform a defensive move. Furthermore, the safety of the inflatable court allows players to carry out a large range of techniques, tactics, team strategies and acrobatic movements in order to hit the ball, such as flips and turns in the air.



A main concern is the safety of our players. That’s why all springs and bars are fully covered by the inflatable, what provides the players with the maximum amount of security and risks are minimized. Four high-standard fans ensure the exact pressure of the inflatable to guarantee maximum level of play and safety.


All genders, all ages


Bossaball thrives from the benefits of a mixed-gender sport and is one of the few disciplines where men and women compete against each other in co-ed teams.

Bossaball is a new sport for all ages, from 8 to 80 years. We have developed a program with specific exercises so that everyone can enjoy the sport from the very first moment on the court.