Bossaball International

Bossaball Sports S.L. (Spain), together with Music and Sports BV (Holland) and Bossaball Argentina, act as the international headquarters of bossaball and organize a wide range of activities worldwide.

Over the last decade bossaball has been installed on a large variety of sites, showing its adaptability and flexibility through its easy set up. We have worked closely together with several sports federations, music festivals, universities, promo & marketing companies, brands etc. and have spread the bossa vibe in both sports and entertainment.


One can find us around midday at an official gymnastics competition indoors, offering a serious and dynamic sports show and later on that same day go more eclectic and funky together with our samba referees on an exotic beach event. Have a look at our highlight events and you will stumble upon all kinds of possibilities that might merge together with your ideas about having your own bossaball event.

Bossaball International is the only organization responsible for the interchange of professional demo players, trainers and samba referees. Together with our worldwide partners we set up national and international tournaments, training camps and road shows. Please contact us for all your comments and questions.


Bossaball Sports S.L.

Position: Headquarters
Bossaball Sports S.L., the owner of all bossaball rights worldwide, was founded in 2005 by Filip Eyckmans, a Belgian polyglot who has been residing in Spain for more than 10 years. As a youngster, he was a tennis player in the national team of Belgium spending his remaining free time attending soccer matches and DJ-ing at private parties.Former manager of music bands such as Vive la Fete and dEUS, Filip Eyckmans often travelled to Brazil where he got overwhelmed by the Afro-Brazilian phenomenon capoeira on a suburb square of Recife. While enjoying the fantastic late afternoon vibes on Brazil's beaches where soccer, volley, dance and music smoothly fuse together, Filip starts to stir up his cocktail of music and sports. Looking for a fusion of different body techniques, he develops his ideas and becomes in 2005 the inventor of bossaball, the ultimate mix of soccer, volleyball and gymnastics.The headquarters based in Estepona (Spain) are not your everyday office. Located on a hill that offers a breathtaking view on the Alboran Sea and the strait of Gibraltar, it is also the heart of the BossaFarm. A place designed to offer players and instructors the possibility to train all day and enjoy the healthy, nutritious and traditionally grown food cultivated in this health sports development center.

Bossaball Netherlands

Position: Subsidiary
Since 2006 bossaball has been collaborating closely with the NeVoBo (the official Dutch Volleyball Federation). This partnership resulted in more than 200 bossaball events in the Netherlands within the first 2 years. In 2008, Music and Sports BV was set up and joined Bossaball Sports S.L. to work on the international expansion and to lead the sport into new and captivating areas. As of today, there are 6 clubs in the Netherlands that offer our discipline all year round (world map). The 2013 World Champions have had a great contribution to the development of bossaball and have become one of our key territories.

Bossaball Argentina

Position: Subsidiary
Bossaball Argentina came alive in 2012 to strengthen the development of the game in the continent where it was conceived. Bossaball took off in a country that quickly became passionate about the game. A former international and Olympic athlete made the move from volleyball to bossaball while governmental agencies and commercials learned to use our game for their promotional activities on the beautiful beaches of the Argentinian coast. The future is looking bright for Argentina and its tremendous pool of talented players, who have become a major partner in South-America.
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