Bossaball International

Bossaball Sports S.L. (Spain) acts as the international headquarters of Bossaball and together with our exclusive partner organizes a wide range of activities on a worldwide scale and sets up national and international tournaments, training camps and road shows.

Over the last decade, Bossaball has been installed on a large variety of sites, showing its adaptability and flexibility through its easy set up. We have worked closely together with several sports federations, music festivals, universities, promo & marketing companies and brands and have spread the bossa vibe in both sports and entertainment.

One can find us around midday at an official gymnastics competition indoors, offering a serious and dynamic sports show and later on that same day go more eclectic and funky together with our samba referees on an exotic beach event. Have a look at our highlight events and you will stumble upon all kinds of possibilities that might merge together with your ideas about having your own Bossaball event.

Bossaball International is the only organization responsible for the booking of professional demo players, trainers and samba referees. Please contact us for all your comments and questions.