The BossaFarm

The BossaFarm is located in Estepona, a quaint little Spanish town situated in the area of Malaga and Marbella. It all started with the idea of setting up a training center in the rural area of Southern Spain, where the players could bivouac and practice all day long.

The idea is to closely interweave the sporting and physical perspective with social and ecological aspects. A place where neo meets retro. Seven end-of-life trampolines for instance have found a new destination, as they are now used as the skeleton for organic vegetable boxes.

“The setting up of a Bossaball development center crossed my mind for many years. We were in need of such a place in a healthy environment where we could train during an extensive period. This ecological and sustainable sports development center coincides with the ambitions of Bossaball.” – Filip Eyckmans

Physical, social and ecological aspects

Moreover, rest periods between training sessions and intense days of practice are filled with healthy, nutritious and traditionally grown food provided by and cultivated at the same playground; the BossaFarm has become a healthy sports development centre.

BossaFarm is featured on Red Bull TV and BBC

Red Bull TV followed the preparations for the “A decade in the air”-Cup at the BossaFarm and the BBC, during a shooting of Bossaball for World News program “The Travel Show”, as well visited our development center in Estepona. In 2021 Bossafarm celebrates its 9th anniversary and will change its name in BossaLab as we have several new projects that have turned our site uinto a multifunctional laboratorium where organic farming, sports, art and upcycled design gently fuse together.