Bossaball is the first sport that recycles itself!

After more than a decade of events and competitions, old Bossaball courts are converted into unique merchandise items. The inflatable is dismantled to recycle the PVC fabric material for the creation of backpacks and bags.

The founder of Bossaball is inspired by upcycling since the early nineties. When he was working in the music business, he started up a recording studio in Southern Spain back in 1997, together with a hotel for artists and companies of the entertainment industry. Both buildings are decorated with upcycled creations to be seen at Enfrentearte Hotel.

“I was inspired by recycled materials and eco-brands. Customized bags, sustainable design, innovation. It’s something I’ve been working on for years already.”

Bossaball has developed options for companies, which are interested in the physical preparation of their employees through Bossaball and at same time want branded Bossaball bags as unique give-aways with their logo: a sustainable sport stimulation. Moreover, the dismantling of a Bossaball field is the perfect team building activity at the BossaFarm, another way to feel close to the sport and its material.

Bossaball’s flawless recycling process is labeled “Recycled memories”: customers, players and fans now carry bags, made out of old Bossaball courts into a new life. We will finally launch this project in 2021 in collaboration with diffrent social projects ; stay tuned on our web, instagram and facebook for more info and remember : There is No planet B .