Bossaball tours Tunisia’s Mediterranean coast with Orange

Bossaball Tunisia was on a one-month long beach tour with Orange. Orange S.A. is a French multinational telecommunications corporation that counts on 230 million customers worldwide. The four events, which included open bossaball competitions on different beach sites, ended with a final tournament in La Marsa, Corniche Plage. 

The Orange Bossaball Tour, which lasted for four weekends, brought bossaball to the cities of Nabeul (Les Deux Oueds), Sousse (Plage de Boujaafer), Kelibia (Plage Belge) and La Marsa (Plage Corniche), just outside of Tunisia’s capital Tunis. Every weekend an open bossaball competition took place, from where the two best teams of each weekend advanced to the final stage in La Marsa. Here the event came to its conclusion on the 30 of August 2015. For this final showdown bossaball players from the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Brazil and Germany were flown in to put on a show between the matches of the competition.

Orange chose bossaball for its brand activation in Tunisia, delighting the public by bringing bossaball and its shows to Tunisia’s Mediterranean coast. In addition, the DJ and daily aerobic and zumba classes animated the spectators all day long. Unsurprisingly, the crowd loved it and the grand stands, that had been set up for every event, were brimming.